Sunday, 2 January 2011

Sansa Clip

This is how an "mp3 player" should be. Focused, tiny and flexible. The battery lasts for a week or two. I can copy arbitrary files onto it, like the iPod/iPad applications that I can't download at home because iTunes is so backwards and clunky. Weighs so little that when if it gets knocked off whatever I have clipped it to, I barely notice. No DRM to enforce arbitrary anti-usability restrictions (I do not mean that as a euphemism for piracy either). I'd like another, as a backup.

The more I use my iPad or iPod Touch, the less I want to use iTunes. Yesterday while doing some work, I started downloading the operating system update for the iPod Touch and after two hours the whole 600MB was almost finished downloading. But I needed the bandwidth to download something else, so I paused the download and proceeded to get whatever it was. Then I resumed the upgrade download and..

From the beginning, for another two hours.. What is this? Apparently, it is still 1994 where Apple live. Decide to download something and do not want it? You have to find out how to contact Apple support (no mean feat) and ask them to remove it from your download queue. Bought your device in China? Then despite having changed your language to English, the EULA screens (and only the EULA screens) are going to strangely be in Chinese. Then there's actually having to use the program day to day. I like the ideal of a "good enough" portable digital camera/phone/gps device.. but the idea of it being lumbered with iTunes destroys any possibility of me getting an iPhone.

Tried using Facetime over the iPod Touch in the office with a coworker. It was a nice gimmick. But it seemed rather.. what's the word? Token. It didn't seem like a natural action. The idea is good, but the device just doesn't make it feel natural.

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