Thursday, 3 February 2011

California prunes

It's to be expected that snacks I find palatable are so hard to find in a Chinese supermarket, that I find myself buying prunes.

2011-02-02 - Supermarket food - 01 - California prune packet

Unfortunately for the environment, I am becoming quite a fan of the individual packages. It slows down the eating, which for some snacks can be as quickly as they can be shoved in the mouth.

2011-02-02 - Supermarket food - 02 - California prune inner packets

These aren't prunes though, they're prune-like things with stones inside and seem to have been marinaded in some standard Chinese vinegary snack flavouring. To me they seem like they've been soaked in something to discourage people from eating them, kind of like the stuff you put on kids fingernails in order to discourage them from biting them.

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