Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Starbucks chocolate mooncake

Bean flavour is big in China. To me, bean is something you eat when you're eating Mexican or it's all that's left in the cupboard. So when a friend suggested that I should try Starbucks' chocolate mooncake, I decided to give it a go. I pass several Starbucks a day, so why not.. However, they don't actually sell mooncake. Instead they sell tickets which you take to a Carrefour supermarket, where you redeem them for a box of mooncakes. And I think a box of mooncakes costs around 250 RMB. Expensive! I walked into a random Starbucks near Nanjing Xi Lu and after having this all explained to me, asked if I could have one to try.

My free mooncake.

2011-08-21 - Starbucks - 01 - Mooncake packet

Second layer of wrapping, the box.

2011-08-21 - Starbucks - 02 - Mooncake container

The presumably pressed into shape mooncake.

2011-08-21 - Starbucks - 03 - Mooncake

The filling of the mooncake.

2011-08-21 - Starbucks - 04 - Mooncake innards

Until I sat down to take these photos, I didn't realise that the flowers along this part of Nanjing Xi Lu were actually chilis. I was tempted to pick a few and take them home, since I had run out but then I thought about pesticides and similar additives and thought better of it.

Anyway.. at first I could taste the chocolate, but then all I could taste was bean. It appears to be a chocolate tainted bean filling. The texture reminded me of the sensation of what I would imagine toe nail cheese to feel like, should I find myself eating a mooncake-shaped chunk of it.

Do not try again. Definitely do not go through the hoop jumping required to buy a box.

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