Saturday, 27 August 2011

85° pork mooncake

Was talking with a friend about mooncakes (yuèbĭng / 月饼), since mid-autumn festival is next month and they are on sale. We both preferred savoury flavours and they suggested that their coworkers had bought some pork-flavoured ones from a place called 85 degrees. With a bit of searching using Google Maps, I managed to locate the closest shop on Beijing Xi Lu.

Turned off Chang De Lu, down Beijing Xi Lu. This guy is on the wrong side of the road and must have swerved over into my shot, didn't notice him when taking the photo.

2011-08-21 - 85 Degrees - 01 - Beijing Xi Lu

The 85 degrees store was on the corner a couple of blocks down. It has a "blend into the background" industrial look.

2011-08-21 - 85 Degrees - 02 - Shop

I'm not sure if these are actually called mooncakes. The sign in the shop didn't have the correct characters, that I could see. They were 4 RMB each, quite expensive and probably could be gotten cheaper if you can find a street vendor who makes them.

2011-08-21 - 85 Degrees - 03 - Pork mooncake

The texture was nice and although it was tasty, the pork filling was a little on the sweet side.

2011-08-21 - 85 Degrees - 04 - Pork mooncake innards

I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it again.

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