Monday, 26 August 2013

My pre-existing olive tree

This is my inherited olive tree, in the sense that it was here when I arrived.  The previous owner didn't know anything about it, so maybe like other trees on the property, it is a windfall plant.

2013-08-06 - Farmlet - 16 - Olive tree transplantability
Inherited olive tree.
I did some research on moving olive trees, and I recall almost none of what I found out.  But what I do recall, is that unlike other trees which are dormant in Winter, they should not be moved then.  Rather, if I recall correctly Spring and Autumn were the best times to move them.  I'll revise all this in Spring when the time comes to actually do the move.  It'll be going out beside the two existing purchased olive trees in the paddock.

It's not very well rooted in, and looks to be easy to move as it's roots shift when I give the tree a light shake.  This might be because of the walnut it is growing beside not leaving it much space.

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