Saturday, 31 August 2013

Garlic and blackcurrant mistakes

In a previous post, I mentioned digging up my garlic and moving it because it was supposed to be bad to grow alongside my broad beans. And in another previous post, I covered taking cuttings from gifted pruned blackcurrant branches.

On the bright side, when I took this photo, one blackcurrant cutting had started showing green growth. And since then, maybe one or two more have also started showing their own. But on the not so bright side, I had been planting the cuttings wrong. I should not have been trimming off all the buds.

2013-08-21 - Garden beds - 02 - Blackcurrant cutting growth
Green appearing on a cutting.
One later cutting I made, the only one I did not trim the buds from, pretty much started showing green growth a week or two after being planted. And I've not been able to locate any source of information which says to take the buds off.

The garlic is not so bad. The following picture shows the well filled row of transplanted garlic on the right, and an occasional garlic shoot on the left alongside the bean plants. It turns out that transplanting the garlic did no harm at all, and that I also missed transplanting some.
2013-08-21 - Garden beds - 01 - Garlic transplant failure
Lost garlic growing.
I should note the sticks alongside the right hand row of garlic were just marking where the cloves were buried, and are not cuttings.

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