Thursday, 22 August 2013

Shing Shang Crispy Wasabi Coated Anchovy

Thank goodness for Asian supermarkets.  Somewhere amongst the mystery products that I either don't trust, or don't identify as edible foodstuffs, there are gems.  I'm not sure this was one of them, but it was definitely more edible than the salty dried fruit.

2012-06-19 - Chinese Supermarket - Shing Shang Crispy Wasabi Coated Anchovy
Wasabi coated anchovy
I suspect food colouring and horse radish were more likely to be present, than actual wasabi.

The real disappointment with this product is the wasted potential.  The potential for this to have been something better than wasabi peas.  The potential for all these anchovies to have been put in oil in tin cans and sold for a much more reasonable price than the anchovies you find in the supermarket.  Unfortunately, Asian supermarkets only seem to ever have dried anchovies.

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