Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Growing cuttings

Plants are not that expensive, but the cost adds up.  A blackcurrant bush costs around $12NZ I think, and I can get a range of other berry plants for around the same price.  But if I had access to existing plants, I would be able to take cuttings and grow more.  In this case, I've managed to acquire cuttings for black currant, black grapes with seeds and some apple trees that grow up as columns.  I don't know the names of any of the varieties.

2013-08-06 - Farmlet - 13 - Raised bed with cuttings
Blackcurrant, grape and apple cuttings.
There's rules to this sort of thing apparently.  But at worst, these are free new plants.  Maybe I'll have a hedge of dwarf apple trees later on.

So, on to my unruly approach.  The long cuttings at the back are the apple cuttings, and are apparently cut wrong.  I need to make them shorter and perhaps snip off the top, I am told.  The grape cuttings in front of the apple cuttings (hard to see, I know) have been moved around between different garden locations. This doesn't seem to have done any harm - unlike the garlic cloves in the next bed, which have likely suffered from their move.  The blackcurrant cuttings, of which there are many, follow the rules.  What those rules were, and where I found them, I don't know!  But I do remember something along the lines of removing all but around three buds on each cutting.  I really need to be taking better notes.

Things are looking promising too, I was out there in the rain the other day, and I am pretty sure the currants and grapes are budding up.

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