Thursday, 19 September 2013

Planting Rhubarb

I used to like eating rhubarb, but have always found it to expensive to eat.  In the local store nurseries, you can get a small chunk with an attached leaf, for around $6 NZ.  Instead I obtained a large chunk from someone else's plant, for free.

This bag with the chunk in, had been sitting in my warm shed, and a bud had been knocked off somewhere along the way. I wasn't sure if that would affect the plant badly.

2013-08-20 - Rhubarb - 01 - Unpacked
Unpacked, and worse for wear.
Planting this was the same process as planting a fruit tree.

2013-08-20 - Rhubarb - 02 - Hole
Ready to go in.
Cut the edges with the spade, slice off the grass, dig out the dirt, bung in the plant, and then replace the dirt and maybe do the border thing.

2013-08-20 - Rhubarb - 03 - Planted
It seems to have worked rather well, this is one of the more vigorous plants I have. Every day I can see more growth, whether that was a few additional buds, or the leaves on the larger bug growing larger and larger.

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