Monday, 28 July 2014

Coal Range Pizza

I got a shock with last month's power bill of something like $120. Part was that the meter reader had visited and the bill included the extra amount over and above the past two or three estimations. Power prices are something people complain about a lot here. And in other areas of the country they pay twice as much per kilowatt, than I do. I pay something like 27 cents per kilowatt. Of course there's a per-kilowatt-used tax by some 'electricity authority' parasite, in addition to the goods and services tax by the 'government' parasite. And the daily charge of 33.33 cents. This bill was around $115.

I have a coal range, which has a wet back. So I've put that into use. I only need to get it going for 3-4 hours a day, and it prevents the hot water from being heated with electricity. Here I've cooked a pizza in it. I'm fairly certain that it was well cooked and made me want to cook in the coal range again. But every pizza since then has had a soggy bottom. So maybe not.

Coal Range - 2014-07-02 - Pizza

I've since received the next bill, and it estimated I'd used 314 units of normal electricity, and 138 units of night boost electricity. The reality was 71 units of normal electricity, and 33 units of night boost electricity. So that's a reduction from a bill of $145 to around $40. Which would also be my lowest power bill of the year. Let's ignore the additional $95 over and above that I had to call them about and ask them to remove, which was related to my power meters being faulty, and having to get them replaced.

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