Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Kernel Seasons / White Cheddar Seasoning

One of the supermarkets I drive past, has a new shelf full of noxious American crap. Red vines, or whatever those poor excuses for raspberry liquorice the Americans eat, is called. Peanut butter Reeses cups. Rufus McTeague barbeque sauce. And so forth. But they also have popcorn seasoning. This is something we don't really have here. You might just shake the popcorn in icing sugar. Or you might make some caramel and use that in combination with nuts, to make caramel corn. But that's about it.

I remember going to the cinema in the states with Baddi to see Postal, which was awesomely bad, and they'd have help yourself popcorn seasoning. It was disgusting, in the sense that it wasn't in any way hygienic. So I've been buying this.

The bottle.

Popcorn Seasoning - Kernel Seasons - White Cheddar Seasoning - 01

The generous helping of seasoning, as sold.

Popcorn Seasoning - Kernel Seasons - White Cheddar Seasoning - 02

They say there's enough there for 100 servings. I think that's true, but out of that 100 servings, there'd be exactly 0 you could taste.

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