Thursday, 24 July 2014

Passionfruit, Elite, W1

Day 1: This is one of several cheap passionfruit plants I planted (maybe ~$5NZ at most). There are two varieties, Elite and Black Beauty. I am sure the fruit is indistinguishable, and any difference is purely for marketing purposes..

Passionfruit, Elite, W1 - 01 - 2014-02-01

Day 14: Just two weeks, and there's significant growth. I bought a trellis from Bunnings (for around $20NZ I think) and borrowed a suitable drill, and mounted it for the passionfruit to grow up.

Passionfruit, Elite, W1 - 01 - 2014-02-15

Day 29: Almost a month, and the passionfruit is already halfway up the trellis.

Passionfruit, Elite, W1 - 01 - 2014-03-02

Day 56: Nearly two months, and this isn't far off where it stopped growing.

Passionfruit, Elite, W1 - 01 - 2014-03-29

It's still looking pretty good, and hasn't suffered any damage in the few frosts we've had so far this winter. Hopefully will get some fruit off it later in the year.

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