Friday, 15 August 2014

Rhubarb / 2013-2014

I had unwanted rhubarb donated from two different parties. In both cases, what I got was crowns, which I divided and planted out. It didn't fare well. And I got maybe one feed out of it.

Day X+0: One divided crown has already sprouted and started growing leaves. The second divided crown will have just been planted out the day the photo was taken.

Rhubarb - 01 - 2013-09-13

Day X+50: More growth for both. A mini-bed dug out for comfrey, purchased from Koanga, at the back.

Rhubarb - 01 - 2013-11-02

Day X+80: Both beds were getting overgrown and the leaves were sitting on grass. I dug out around them and joined all three beds up.

Rhubarb - 01 - 2013-12-01

Day X+101: Both beds are looking even more lush.

Rhubarb - 01 - 2013-12-22

Day X+120: Heavy rain for a day or so flooded the bed, which causes the rhubarb to die back. What I should have done in this situation was harvested all the stalks immediately. Unfortunately, I left them on, the leaves wilted and also the stalks with them.

Rhubarb - 01 - 2014-01-10 - After too much rain

This actually happened several times. And finally, the chickens started eating the leaves right down. It is said that the leaves help kill worms in their stomachs. But how many old wives tales have to turn out to be false, to make all the unproven ones untrustworthy. As I recently read somewhere else, putting a silver coin in a bucket of milk was supposed to stop it from spoiling, yet here we are with refridgerators.

The comfrey is supposed to be good for chickens too, and some people report them eating it freely. Mine won't touch it. It also takes up a lot of ground with it's leaves.

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