Friday, 23 October 2015

Invicta gooseberry in Spring 2015

This is the sole surviving gooseberry as of the start of Spring.

2015-08-29 - Gooseberry - Invicta
Gooseberry var. Invicta
And here it is approximately 40 days later, and it's looking pretty good so far.  Last year I was too lazy to cover it with bird netting, and one day the fruit were there and the next they weren't.  Was it the free ranging chickens?  Was it the birds?  Did they just fall off unnoticed?  No idea! An interesting contrast was the Chilean guava, which has delicious fruit, yet nothing ate them.

2015-10-17 - Gooseberry - Invicta
Gooseberry var. Invicta
I originally planted two. Where did the second one go? I don't know. Maybe the stoats, possums and/or rabbits ate every inch of it.

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