Sunday, 25 October 2015

Blueberries in Spring 2015

There are two blueberry plants in the orchard.  There was three, but the third died of.. I guess prior neglect would be the crime if the perpetrator were taken to plant court.  The year before last, the fruit was enjoyed.  But last year, due to laziness, the fruit went missing - most likely because of free ranging chickens.

As far as I can tell, there's not much difference between the two varieties, Powder Blue and Climax.  But they're supposed to be pollinators for each other.

2015-10-17 - Blueberry 1
Blueberry var. Powder Blue

Note the pine mulch around them.  Someone swept up the leftover material from the pine cones I used to collect for the coal range, and I took it and scattered it around the blueberry plants.  The theory is that they prefer acid soil, and pine trees are supposed to be much the same.

2015-10-17 - Blueberry 2
Blueberry var. Climax

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