Monday, 25 January 2016

Harvesting the garlic

The Summer 2015 garlic harvest was rather lackluster, likely because of a lack of water. Winter 2015 I planted a lot more, and made sure to water it at least once a week if it hadn't rained that week.

The following photo is of the main bed with perhaps 2/3 to 3/4 of the garlic still to harvest.  The garlic along the far right hand side and end of the bed, seemed to sprout months after the near end.

Garlic, Takahue - 2016-01-22 - 01 - Bed

A decent sized head.  It rained for several days before the photo, and this bed is still mucky, so most heads are hard to clean of dirt.

Garlic, Takahue - 2016-01-22 - 03 - Head dug

This bin contains all the garlic that remained in the bed above, and a few more that were lost in Summer 2015's harvest and regrew in that garden bed.

Garlic, Takahue - 2016-01-22 - 07 - Days harvest

The garlic that sprouted and put leaves out earlier grew to a decent size.  I'll set aside the best heads and in Winter 2016 plant at least twice as much.  After all, garlic goes for $20+NZ a kilo here.

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