Thursday, 28 April 2016

Processing Takahue garlic

I gathered the garlic out of the shed, and cleaned it, then brought it inside for processing.  First step was sorting the heads for size.

Garlic, Takahue - 2016-03-05 - 01 - Ready for processing

I bagged up a small onion sack of the largest heads.  I did another bag for myself, and then the rest went to people who also do not like spending $20 a kg for garlic.

The bag below was awaiting delivery.

Garlic, Takahue - 2016-03-06 - 01 - Awaiting delivery

I also plaited some of the smaller heads, really struggling to follow some YouTube videos.  And then there's another small amount still hanging out in the shed, which came from a second bed interplanted amongst all the seed kale. Those are kind of stunted and probably suffered for what they were planted between (brassicas) and perhaps also lack of water.

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