Monday, 4 June 2007

The CCP snack fridge

CCP is a great place to work. And one thing I really like about it is the food. While I no longer eat the lunches there (the only meal I am present there for), I do eat from the snack fridge in order to get more protein into my diet. It is interesting to note that you have to mark down what soft drinks you consume and that gets taken out of your wages at the end of the month but these snacks, most of which are healthy, are free.

The full selection you can see here is actually missing some items. Usually there are rice puddings and more flavours of the yoghurt drink on the lower shelf.

2007-05-30 - CCP snack fridge - 205

These skyr drinks are all very tasty. I tend to go for green mango one as it has a higher ratio of protein to carbohydrates. I think they are all sweetened with aspartame, which keeps the calories low. There is no need to be afraid of the aspartame :-)

2007-05-30 - CCP snack fridge - 206

I tend to avoid these flavours of skyr. None of them particularly taste appealing. Not that they taste bad, they just don't register as something I recognise the flavour of.

2007-05-30 - CCP snack fridge - 207

The one the left is the plain skyr. This is what I eat and tends to have a lower amount of calories and higher amount of protein. The yoghurt drinks I tend to avoid, finding they taste more like some weird chemical combination rather than fruity goodness. And the breakfast cereals / yoghurt combos.. well, they like the rice puddings are unlikely to be too healthy. I tend to find yoghurt tends to crowd out the flavour of anything mixed with it anyway, so it would just be a grittier yoghurt.

2007-05-30 - CCP snack fridge - 208

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