Monday, 4 June 2007

Rice milk with cinnamon sauce

This is the first of three flavours.

I love rice pudding. So it gives me great pleasure to see a form of it available in Icelandic stores as a snack food, although I would never buy or eat this form of it. The rice pudding I make myself has a much ricier taste and is less fattening for much more volume.

2007-05-30 - CCP snacks - Cinnamon rice pudding - 220
2007-05-30 - CCP snacks - Cinnamon rice pudding, opened - 224
2007-05-30 - CCP snacks - Cinnamon rice pudding, mixed - 225

When I tasted the rice milk part by itself, my first impression was that the rice was undercooked as it was surprisingly firm. But having tasted the other two flavours in the range where the rice was so soft as to blend in with the cream, I actually prefer it firm. Although I suspect in this case it was a manufacturing anomaly that it was firm at all.

The cinnamon sauce is sweet and tasty, as it should be given the nice amount of sugar which probably went into it. Mixed into the rice milk, I tend to find they blend together in such a way to produce a confusing flavour which doesn't stand out. This is something I find for all three flavours of rice milk pottle -- that I prefer the rice milk by itself. And that the sauce only really has a flavour when tasted by itself.

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