Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Griffin's Choc Krispie

Krispies are one of the better biscuits you can buy in New Zealand. A pleasing combination of sugar, flour and coconut, they are one of the first I go for if someone places an assortment of biscuits in front of me.

An unopened packet:

2010-01-26 - Griffins Choc Krispie - 01 - Unopened

An opened packet:

2010-01-26 - Griffins Choc Krispie - 02 - Opened

If I had to describe these biscuits, I'd have to wonder whether some plonker in an office thought "Krispies are nice, let's dip them in chocolate." I seem to recall reading how junk food companies add new brands and then phase them out on a regular basis as a way of doing business. This brand seems like it was designed for that purpose. Bring it out capitalising on the appeal of Krispies, consumers are tricked into buying and trying it, eventually the consumers have grown wise to the lack of worth and the product is phased out to be replaced. Probably replaced with the next new biscuit of similar worth, and the cycle repeats.

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