Thursday, 28 January 2010

Karaka trees

I live nearby Basque park, one of the many small parks littered around Auckland. People usually go there to walk their dogs, water their kids and sunbathe. There's a nice artistic fountain sculpture water feature thing in the center. And there's also this sign.

2010-01-28 - Karaka Trees - 02 - Basque park sign

Interestingly it mentions how the area was known for its karaka trees, which the maori would harvest the fruit from. Sounds quite nice.

2010-01-28 - Karaka Trees - 03 - Basque park sign

Hey, here's a fruit laden karaka tree in front of an apartment.

2010-01-28 - Karaka Trees - 04 - Apartment shrubbery

They're all over the place. There's an old one in a dog exercise area up Mount Eden. They are in front yards of houses.

2010-01-28 - Karaka Trees - 01 - Side street

Very tempting.. but wait!? WTF?

Eating the untreated kernel causes severe muscle cramps that can even rip the muscles off the bone

They don't mention that on the sign, do they? This pdf document gives a pretty good overview about the tree and its fruit.

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