Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Griffin's Milk Chocolate Afghans

Featured in the standard New Zealand cookbook, the Edmonds cookbook, Afghans are a pretty standard home baked biscuit. I've been leaning towards making them for a while, but decided to buy a packet instead to see if I could save myself the trouble.

An unopened packet:

2010-01-26 - Griffins Milk Chocolate Afghans - 01 - Unopened

The opened packet:

2010-01-26 - Griffins Milk Chocolate Afghans - 02 - Opened

In a homemade afghan, you notice the cornflakes that went into them and the biscuit is made worthwhile by the half walnut that is mounted on top. These biscuits are a shallow approximation and are about as satisfying as a generic chocolate biscuit. If I wanted a decent chocolate biscuit, I'd buy a packet of hobnobs.

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