Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Junk food update

I was at the supermarket a couple of nights ago and was lacking energy, so seeing these gummy candies at the counter I only bought them because they had probiotics and looked packed with goodness.

2010-11-21 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 01 - Yake grape candy

In fact, as each individual lolly is individually wrapped, I believe these actually legally qualify as medicine. Regardless, having eaten them all I lacked the reinvigoration I had expected to get from eating them.

2010-11-21 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 02 - Yake grape candy

In the supermarket tonight, I didn't have anything to eat and having eaten some street vendor deep fried radish lumps, I felt like my essential fats and carbs were taken care of. So surely these savoury and spicy looking squares would either be pork or tofu, providing me with protein?

2010-11-23 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 01 - Spicy rubber squares packet

Bland and tasteless, must be tofu. I did not bother eating more than a couple and even then I just ate them to get some food in my stomach. They were rubbery and oily.

2010-11-23 - Shanghai - Junk Food - 02 - Spicy rubber squares

I really need to get a smaller camera so I can take photos out and about, rather than taking them at home with my larger camera.

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