Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Street food yet again again

I live at a non-central metro stop now, and depending on the time of day there are a range of street vendors selling different kinds of food. In the morning, there's the dude who cooks the pancake sandwich things. In the evening, there's the guy barbecuing mutton kebabs. Also in the evening are a range of other vendors, selling pieces of bread they've baked on their cart, different vegetables and meat which you can select and have cooked, various goods which are deep fried and so forth.

The key obstacle to purchasing something for me, is queuing. I am too late in life to spend time standing around waiting for something, especially in a country where they do not queue but rather crowd around. So it took me a while to get around to trying what I uneducatedly call "pancake sandwich things".

These are only sold in the morning, which is a pity because I would buy them whenever I pass!

2010-11-21 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 01 - Pancake sandwich

The vendor basically has a large flat griddle. He breaks an egg onto it, spreads it round roughly to cover the surface. Then he breaks another egg onto it and spreads that on top to get a more consistent layer. Next he sprinkles chopped pieces of two green herbs on top, one is coriander and the other one is possibly green onion. Once the thing is cooked enough, he folds it over, breaks a crispy deep fried wafer of sorts into it. Spreads ground chilli onto it, then brown paste over that. Then folds it up, cuts it in half and you end up with the two pieces you see.

2010-11-21 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 02 - Pancake sandwich

I've bought them twice now. Once for 3 RMB at a vendor more in the Jing'an area, and another time for 2.5 RMB at a vendor just outside my metro stop (these ones here). You would think what would define the taste would be egg and fried wafer, but really the taste that stands out if the fresh herbs, especially the sharp freshness of the coriander.

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