Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Street food dinner

I dropped by the supermarket to pick up some organic vegetables, but was short on money and too lazy to go buy some meat. And eating vegetables without meat is one of those nonsensical religious notions, so I was in a quandary.

Fortunately the first thing I saw coming out of the metro entrance, was the kebab barbecuing man. I ordered five at 2 RMB a piece, for a total of 10 RMB (~ 2 NZD). The vendor doesn't even ask me any more if I want the spicy red stuff shaken over the top of them, he just does it. Small remote control included for size perspective.

2010-11-24 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 01 - Mutton kebabs

I was gnawing on one of the kebabs, and I spotted the bread vendor. She sells bread for 1 RMB a piece, which you can then optionally slather with chilli paste. So in order to satisfy my vegetable requirements, I ordered two for a total of 2 RMB (~ 0.4 NZD).

2010-11-24 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 02 - Bread slathered with chilli paste

And the resulting barbequed spicy mutton chilli sandwich looks as follows.

2010-11-24 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 03 - Mutton chilli sandwiches

Really the kebabs are best eaten hot off the barbeque, but I decided to do this on a whim instead. The most interesting part is actually seeing how they cook all these things on the spot, so I still need to take my camera out one of these nights.

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