Friday, 18 February 2011

Quiet Spring Festival

During Spring Festival or Chūn Jié (春节), Chinese people go and spend time with their families, launch fireworks and stuff. I wasn't planning to go home to New Zealand, and didn't feel like travelling, so stuck around Shanghai. One of the unfortunate things (for me) about Spring Festival, is that the street vendors go home and there aren't many about. Anyway, I did a longer than usual walk along a path I mostly hadn't been before and took some photos along the way.

Earlier in the morning before I headed out, people would have let off strings of crackers leaving the remnants you see below. Would have liked to have seen it, but never mind.

2011-02-07 - Spring Festival - 01 - Firework remants

The roads were very quiet, as to be expected.

2011-02-07 - Spring Festival - 03 - Quiet roads

An empty river along the roadside. Looks quite nice, wonder if anyone uses it for anything.

2011-02-07 - Spring Festival - 02 - River

I found one street vendor on Kangding in Jing'an, but I am not sure they really knew what they were doing and weren't filling in for someone else. Normally these folded into a sandwich pocket and the filling can't fall out the bottom. Not so, in this one here.

2011-02-07 - Jian Bing - 01

I eventually made my way downwards to Changshou subway stop area, and found another vendor as I took care of some stuff. In this case, they'd run out of herbs, and it was a mostly crispy pancake as they used up the remaining ingredients they had.

2011-02-05 - Jian Bing - 01

Finally, the quiet subway on the way home.

2011-02-07 - Spring Festival - 04 - Quiet subway

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