Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Chinese Christmas cake

I went into Marks and Spencer many times over Christmas, but only the first time a week or two before Xmas day, did I see and buy an iced Xmas cake from a stack of them. Every visit after that was in the hope of seeing more. Unfortunately, they must have received only one shipment and quickly sold out.

Having mentioned my desire for a Christmas cake to Chinese people, and saying how I would get someone to send one over from New Zealand I would get comments about how it would go off. With no idea of what a western cake was like, they perceived it as something perishable. A friend who I met with the day before Christmas gave me some cake as a gift - now, this being what they saw as Christmas cake it isn't a surprise they thought it would go off.

The cake was sold in this carry box.

2010-12-24 - Xmas present - Cake - 01 - Box

Here's the cake. It's more like a chocolate bready thing with fruit and whatever "not-cream but looks like it" thing they use these days. To be honest, it wasn't very satisfying. But it's always nice to be given presents that aren't useless objects you'll never use that just sit around.

2010-12-24 - Xmas present - Cake - 02 - Cake pottle

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