Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Bund and Pudong

There's a river in Shanghai, on one side you have some banks and stuff and a bit you can walk along. And on the other side, you have some other buildings and a bit you can walk along. And there's a sightseeing tunnel you can take to go underneath.

I ran into this statue. It's on one side or the other, I get confused which is which because I always take the metro.

2011-04-17 - Shanghai - 01 - Pudong statue

And then this statue. What are they? Well, beats me. But it beats looking at an oil painting, or ancient scrolls or seals or endless pots.

2011-04-17 - Shanghai - 02 - Pudong statue

Then the sightseeing tunnel was taken back to the other side.

2011-04-17 - Shanghai - 03 - The Bund sightseeing tunnel

I know what you're thinking. Sightseeing tunnel! You must get to go underwater and see fish swim past as the clear blue waters pass by. But no. Think some disco lights, and projected images onto the side of the walls. Some of the images are projected clear blue water and fish, but they're clearly not from this river. All you're going to see here if the walls and ceiling were glass, is murk, grime, discarded condoms and other garbage. What a gyp.. how can they call this a sightseeing tunnel? Given all the lasers and flashing lights, it felt more like an epilepsy tunnel. I felt ill getting out of it.

However, there was some cooing and gasping at the "sights" from behind me in the car. I'm glad some people got their moneys worth.

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