Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Lunch at some mall food court

I was walking around some mall and checking out the restaurants. Eventually, I made it down to the food court after not seeing anything that particularly grabbed me. This place was picked at random. When I say this place, I mean the place to the right with the chefs who would otherwise be working there eating in front of it.

2011-04-20 - Shanghai - 01 - Mall food court

Unfortunately, I tend to forget to take pictures when I am with other people, so I don't have any of the food. But I got the second down, second from the left. I think most of their dishes are seafood, and mine featured squid and chicken fried with various vegetables. It was spicy but good. And only cost 20 RMB. If only New Zealand food court food was this flavoursome and this high a quality, and for that matter this good a value.

2011-04-20 - Shanghai - 02 - Mall food court menu

If I could only remember what mall this was in, I should definitely go there again. Afterwards I headed outside to see what was around, as I arrived by metro and took this picture from a pedestrian overpass. Shanghai's much better than most American cities that I have been to for pedestrian friendliness.

2011-04-20 - Shanghai - 03 - Spring traffic

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