Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Airport reading

Travelling back from England I had a few extra hours to waste due to flight delays, so decided to read a few computer magazines to see if they had anything to offer these days in the age of the internet and sites like Reddit.

Linux User was not worth buying. Nothing in it really worth reading, you'd only buy it if you didn't read any web sites or didn't know how to google for information.

2011-08-20 - Magazines - 02 - Linux User

One of the things I liked about some of the Amiga magazines I read when I was younger, were the serialised tutorials that told you how to write computer programs one lesson at a time. The Amiga Format magazine didn't have these tutorials, but Linux Format does. As articles in a magazine they have to have a level of detail, and be written in a way that online equivalents seem to lack. Python, C and an Android game programming article. This is the sort of content that I'd consider subscribing to a magazine for.

2011-08-20 - Magazines - 01 - Linux Format

Both magazines had the same cover topic and some of the same software on the coverdiscs as can be seen in the photos. Linux Format has the obvious and catchy phrase, where the Linux User magazine equivalent just lacks. Given the similarities and the more interesting content in Linux Format, it is almost like Linux User phones it in and copies its competitor.

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