Sunday, 21 August 2011

Shanghai, China - Metro Line 7 - Gucun Park

I have no idea what is at half the stops on the Shanghai metro system, so riding home I decided to travel further up Line 7. I was going to go all the way to the lake stop at the end, but got lazy and hopped off at Gucun Park as it sounded like something was near the metro exit. Here's a short video of what is around the #1 exit for this subway stop. As you can see, there's mostly buildings under construction. The video ends pointing towards the entrance to Gucun Park which is easily within walking distance. In the other direction in the distance are what look like apartment buildings.

In short, what is Gucun Park? A man-made park with man-made lakes and specially planted trees. There's a basketball court, an outdoor theatre, children's carnival rides, boats you can hire to go on the mirky lakes, various themed gardens (like a British garden) and more. A large barbeque area where you can cook food you brought or buy there, and pedal carts you can hire to drive around the park. As a place to hop off the metro, it is not worth going to unless you have kids.

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