Sunday, 27 November 2011

Miscellaneous food pictures

Back in mooncake season, I really wanted to eat a meat mooncake with decent flavour. So.. I bought this cheap beef one from the local supermarket, otherwise known as Century Mart.

2011-08-27 - Century Mart beef mooncakes - 01 - Outards

Bland with an unpleasing lard texture to the pastry unfortunately. But for 2.5 RMB per, what can I expect..

2011-08-27 - Century Mart beef mooncakes - 02 - Innards

Another attempt at buying cheap mooncakes of one sort or other. In this case, cheap pineapple mooncake from one of the corner store chains, Family Mart.

2011-09-06 - Pineapple mooncake - 01 - Packet

A look inside the packet.

2011-09-06 - Pineapple mooncake - 02 - In tray

Tastes a lot like flour, water and gelatine.  Not sure there's anything that tasted like pineapple, but there was a hint of "pineapple flavour" :-)

2011-09-06 - Pineapple mooncake - 03 - Innards

One Chinese dish I fall back to if nothing else appeals on the menu, is this one. In this case, I went to the restaurant across the road from my apartment complex and ordered it from the picture on the wall. It was very well made, spicy and tasty. At ~11 RMB, it wasn't a bad deal.

2011-08-21 - Across Street Restaurant - 01 - Eggs and tomatoes

In the corner store beside work, they had a new drink. I'm all for healthy food, and drinking vinegar is supposed to be good for what ails you. It.. well, I have no idea why. But this tasted like mild apple cider vinegar, too sugary for my taste.

2011-09-04 - Apple Vinegar drink sachet - 02 - Back

The back:

2011-09-04 - Apple Vinegar drink sachet - 01 - Front

It is hard to find what I consider to be healthy food in China. If it doesn't have sugar, bread, rice or isn't deep fried then it won't be easy to buy. One of the things that is easy to find here, is yogurt. In this case, I wasn't clear what exactly the difference between fermented milk and yogurt was. I am still not clear, but what I do know is that this was not very thick and was sweetened. Not recommended.

2011-11-18 - Fermented milk - 01 - Sachet - Front

The back:

2011-11-18 - Fermented milk - 02 - Sachet - Back

The style of packaging is more used for fabric softener back home.

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