Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Open source web-based consoles

I'm looking to bring both my MUD and networked roguelike code-base into the 90's, erm.. that should be 00's these days.  A web-based console with connectivity to the backend server through the web server is the way to go.

I've been collecting candidate "already written wheels" and wanted to collect them in one place.

Forum thread: HTML+JS Tech Demo (demo).

A GPL licensed code-base which uses an array of character cells to emulate a curses-like display.

  • Cleanly written code.
  • Restrictively licensed.
  • Code bound to existing game implementation.
Forum thread: js-like beta (first version!) released (demo).
A BSD licensed code-base which implements three different display mechanisms, canvas, array of character cells and image based.

  • Liberally licensed.
  • More library like, than game specific.
  • Code is somewhat hard to follow.
Forum thread: DecafMUD (demo)
A unknown licensed code-base which provides a complete out of the box web-based MUD client. Supports different code pages, and able to interpret the complete telnet stream from negotiation to escape codes. Tries to use web sockets for connectivity, but can fall back on flash if they are not usable.

  • Complete solution
  • Straight-forward code.
  • Windows-incompatible repository contents, errors when cloned.
  • Official web-site down.
  • Telnet protocol support is superfluous, a modern MUD server should be have a direct connection and not be encumbered by these complications.
While the GPL license is indeed restrictive, and reason enough to avoid using a project.  In this case, given a client is kept separated from the server, it shouldn't encumber the server-side in any way that matters.

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