Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Shanghai - Pan-fried dumplings

I've bought dumplings once from here on the way past, and wanted to buy them again before I left Shanghai.

2011-11-14 - Shanghai - Dumplings - 01 - Storefront

Large round, filled with mystery meat and soupish liquid.  They're also pan-fried which gives them additional flavour.  Bying two lots of four at 5 RMB each, the price had gone up from 4 RMB, but I always wonder if maybe I just get "random foreigner price which is higher than what locals pay".  You never know.. although sometimes you do and can't be bothered bargaining.

2011-11-14 - Shanghai - Dumplings - 02 - Pans

I went to Jing'an park to look for a place to sit down and eat, and found this performance.  This lady was loudly singing Chinese songs, and had people up on stage singing with her.  Grandchildren and grandmothers, maybe some sort of school holiday activity or some such.  But more importantly, they had spare seats.

2011-11-14 - Shanghai - Dumplings - 04 - Park performance

The dumplings, still too hot to eat.

2011-11-14 - Shanghai - Dumplings - 03 - Bought

The innards.  The leaked liquid can be seen surrounding this last dumpling.  Really four would have been enough for me, and eight was overdoing it.

2011-11-14 - Shanghai - Dumplings - 05 - Innards

I prefer the smaller more standard shaped dumplings, as there's less liquid and a higher ratio of burnt surface to the rest of them.  But these were fine for a change.

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