Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Write something for Imaginary Realities

Imaginary Realities is a journal which was regularly published about 12 years ago, with articles on the subject of MUDs.  A new issue is being published with an article deadline of October 13th.  If you would like to write an article for it, or know someone I should talk to who would, please email me.

If you don't have any fixed idea of what to write and would like some suggestions, please email me.  Even if you have a fixed idea, email me and we'll make sure it's suitable.

Here are some ideas based on community suggestions:

  • Annotated logs of you playing a MUD, basically you commenting as you play a MUD.
  • Codebase licensing, known criminals and whether it matters.
  • A non-advertisement article describing your MUD, perhaps you play it, perhaps you work on it.
  • An article on what MUDs are missing from a player perspective.
  • Religion and mudding, are there religious MUDs?  How popular are they?  What are the problems with MUDs given your religion?
  • A tutorial, or one article in a series in a tutorial, on how to create a MUD using your code base.
  • Documenting MUD standards.  The standard sets of commands expected in MUDs.  Standard syntax used for commands.  Standard features that modern muds should have.  Articles on the subject of helping people making MUDs make them  more approachable to players.
  • The state of ROM/Diku/LP driver development and where it's headed in the future.
  • About MUDs where you can buy stuff with real money.
  • Where did Maiden Desmodus come from, who wrote it, how well did it go, did it make money, is it still around in any form that matters and lessons learned.
  • Web sockets and MUD development.
  • The future relevance of telnet.
  • A guide to making a MUD more accessible to the blind, deaf and other alternately sense gifted or whatever the politically correct term of the day is.
  • Revisiting old articles from the earlier years of Imaginary Realities, and covering either their relevance today, seeing where the state of the art is or basically anything using them as inspiration.

  • And so on.  It's up to you, get in contact.

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