Friday, 6 September 2013


Rabbits. They're a pest, and I already accredit gnawing on my fruit trees to them. I saw my first one a few weeks ago now, when I was out running and almost home. And putting a labelled sign on my currant bushes, I noticed this baby rabbit sitting a metre away. 

2013-08-15 - Animals - 01 Baby rabbit
A baby rabbit just sitting there
At first I thought I might have stood on it, as the ground had seemed pretty lumpy walking over there from the direction the rabbit was in. And the rabbit just sat there for about half an hour. But having walked over there every day to water the plants, the ground is just lumpy. Fact is, I would notice if I stood on it.

When I bought my first fruit trees I asked if I should buy sleeves for them, to protect them from rabbits and possums and what-not. The lady in the store said "nah" and some other nonsense about possums jumping four metres. But now that every so often more and more trees are being gnawed on, I've got a cunning plan to avoid paying for tree protectors like the sleeves.

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