Sunday, 1 September 2013

"Invicta" gooseberry

I grew up with plums and gooseberries. We had a huge plum tree at home, down the back of the yard. And my grandparents basically ate gooseberries one way, which was stewed. I think they sourced them from some other relative, who had a bush we used to pick at, when we would go visiting on school holidays. There's no occasion I've ever been in a New Zealand shop and seen gooseberries for sale.

Looking for a gooseberry plant at a local nursery and I was told about how all the varieties of gooseberries we have here aren't doing so well here because of mildew. And how the one which is perhaps mostly resistant to mildew, is the American variety called "Invicta". Also, this variety is supposedly a new one, and as such is under protection so that you're not supposed to take cuttings or grow and sell the plants yourself.

2013-08-06 - Farmlet - 18 - Gooseberry Invicta - label front
The front of the label.
2013-08-06 - Farmlet - 19 - Gooseberry Invicta - label back
The back of the label.
In this case, two cuttings were taken from the plant in the next photo. These can be seen if you look hard enough. They seem to be taking okay, and have small amounts of green growth. I suspect the rules that protect someone who has developed a new variety, are more intended to protect against other commercial selling, not people pottering around in their own garden.
2013-08-06 - Farmlet - 06 - Gooseberry variety Invicta
The planted bush, and two cuttings.

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