Monday, 15 February 2010

Complete MUD-Dev mailing list archives

MUD-Dev started in 1996 and lasted until 2006. I downloaded the early archives that were made available, although they only covered up until 2002. After I uploaded those, someone else made available a more extensive archive of web pages that covered up to 2004.

I've recently realised that my mirror contained empty files, so I needed to regenerate it. However, rather than regenerating it, I decided to get the more extensive archive (1996-2004) and create a new mirror. Davion from MUDBytes mentioned he had the mails covering from 2004 to 2006 in his gmail account. He kindly provided them to me in an mbox archive.

By parsing the web pages, reordering the mbox, combining the two while filtering out duplicate posts and finally making a Linux mailing list archive generator work on Windows I have produced a new mirror. This was not something I wanted to spend time on, but it was one of those projects that I knew would be eating away at me until I got it over and done with. And now that it is completed, here's hoping I never have to do more than browse these archives ever again!

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