Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Homebrand Licorice Pieces

I've always like licorice since I was a kid. My grandfather used to buy it for me and my siblings when we travelled down to the arse-end of New Zealand to visit him and my grandmother. He however, used to buy "Black Knight" licorice, which looks like a professional brand. "Black Knight" is still available today, but it is generally twice as expensive as this budget brand. And the ingredients look like they have cheapened and become less natural and industrialised over the years, where rather than sugar they use "glucose (from corn)."

When I used to go to Walmart to shop for groceries in the USA, I used to look at the back of the packets and if there were industrialised ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, I wouldn't buy it. Generally, the more natural the ingredients, the less that were listed. Anyway, the end result was that there were very few things that I could buy. Out of whole bread aisle for instance, there was maybe one brand of bread I could buy.

Homebrand licorice pieces only have something like 0.7% licorice extract in the mix, but they still taste okay for the price, and the list of ingredients looks natural (based on my consumer's eye).

2010-02-16 - Homebrand Licorice Pieces - 01 - Bag

Only one "piece" came in the bag.

2010-02-16 - Homebrand Licorice Pieces - 02 - Piece

The previous two times when I have bought this, the pieces have had a texture I can only describe as slimey! Eww. Thankfully this time, they had the rubbery texture that licorice normally has. I'm trying not to leave the packet on the desk so that I just eat them all without noticing this time.

Price: $2.89NZ

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