Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Woolworths Stem Ginger Cookies

I gave in to buying some more biscuits, in the hope that they would be good ones, despite all experiences indicating that this was unlikely. This time I bought some stem ginger cookies from FoodTown.

2010-01-30 - Woolworths Stem Ginger Cookies - 01 - Box

The cookies look pretty unspectacular.

2010-01-30 - Woolworths Stem Ginger Cookies - 02 - Cookies

My criteria for a good biscuit is they taste like something someone might have made at home, rather than like some abstraction of what might have been produced in a factory. And they tasted pretty good. The ginger flavour wasn't the strongest, but on the other hand, it wasn't so weak as to make the biscuit a waste of time.

I won't be buying them again though. I imagine I could make a better version of these at home, and the price was a little too high.

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