Sunday, 29 August 2010

Brasa Chicken delivery

Seeing as Brasa Chicken seems to be back online tonight, I decided to order some. I called up the phone line and ordered at around 5:15 PM, and was told my order would arrive in 45 minutes. Exactly at 6:45 PM, an hour and a half later, my apartment door bell rung. Cold. Soggy. Late. Well, it wasn't like I shouldn't expect that, as people often describe it that way on the forums. It was still very edible.

Observe the ill-chosen choice of plastic bags to pack the food. Like it is not going to be soggy after the delivery man has dropped off food for half a dozen other people before me.

2010-08-28 - Shanghai - Brasa Chicken delivery - 01 - Bags

The contents.

2010-08-28 - Shanghai - Brasa Chicken delivery - 02 - Food

It was still pretty good. The chicken wasn't dry. Given how close to the restaurant I live, I would probably be tempted to ask if I could drop by and pick it up next time. It would still be warmer than it was delivered, even if I walked it back.

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