Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Taco Loco delivery

Feeling ill in the weekend I ordered most meals delivered, and one of them was food from Taco Loco for Sunday's lunch. There is a reason I take photos of my food and add them to this blog with comments, and it is mainly that I have a horrible memory. I have ordered from this place before, and in case I make the mistake of doing so again, let me put here for my future reference.. that this place makes nasty food that is overpriced.

This was the whole of my order. A grilled chicken quesadilla and a pork carnitas soft taco. I don't know what the little pottle was for.. but it was the barest amount of salsa and guacamole.

2010-08-29 - Shanghai - Taco Loco Delivery - 01 - Everything

Now, I have disparaged Munchies' chicken quesadilla recently. But this quesadilla was remarkably bad, and makes me regain an appreciation for what Munchies has to offer. I couldn't tell what meat I was eating, but it may as well have been tuna. In fact, that's what it reminded me of. It certainly bore little resemblance in flavour to chicken. I think this quesadilla was 28 RMB.

2010-08-29 - Shanghai - Taco Loco Delivery - 02 - Grilled chicken quesadilla

This taco was barely a mouthful. It gave me all of the experience of a tasting menu at an expensive restaurant with none of the ambiance or satisfaction. And the man-juice like look of the liquid on top.. let's not go there. I believe this was 12 RMB.

2010-08-29 - Shanghai - Taco Loco Delivery - 03 - Pork carnitas soft taco

Taco Loco, never again.

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