Thursday, 2 September 2010

Roguelike MUD progress #2

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I wasn't feeling very motivated when the time I had set aside tonight to work on this came around, but once I got into it I made pretty good progress. The bugs I listed yesterday are now fixed, and additionally the field of view emphasis is working. It's annoying that the stupid mistakes are the ones that take the longest to track down. In this case, absently writing or instead of and.

if y in self.drawRangesNew:
minX, maxX = self.drawRangesNew[y]
if x >= minX or x <= maxX:
return True
Maybe I should reconsider minX <= x <= maxX, although it never quite seems right.

The FoV changes are not as optimal as they could be. Every tile in the post-move FoV tile set is individually marked up with escape codes, I should instead simply mark each row of qualifying tiles in one go.

Current TODO list:
  1. Clean up the FoV emphasis to be row-based, rather than tile-based.
  2. Add some objects and entities to the world, that can be interacted with. Entities should move to add life to the world.

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