Monday, 30 August 2010

Loaded scooters and carts

One of the things you see around Shanghai, are loaded up scooters and carts. You might see a cart absolutely loaded down with chairs, being dragged by hand by its "driver". Or a bicycle cart with scrap on, which the driver pedals around ringing a bell.

Water cooler delivery man? It is quite an impressive load. No wonder he is taking a break on the street corner.

2010-08-29 - Shanghai - 10 - Overloaded scooter

This guy is doing pretty well. Maybe delivering goods, or even taking the groceries home.

2010-08-29 - Shanghai - 17 - Overloaded scooter

Here's a bicycle cart. Looks like it carries oil.

2010-08-29 - Shanghai - 01 - Bicycle cart

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