Friday, 27 August 2010

A failed attempt to eat some kebabs

I'm taking today off. Work is having a team building day. Well, it is billed as a team building day. But I think it is more of a day where the workers are taken away from work, plied with alcohol, an experience, and a meal in order to prepare them for more upcoming work. The experience this year is go karting. I was thinking that for as many years as they have been having these, I have successfully avoided them. But that's not true, I was reminded in a friend's email that I went to one two years ago.

Anyway, I've been feeling a bit ill so far today, probably because of the pancakes and the radish bun that I bought for breakfast. I tried sitting out on my balcony and getting some fresh air. That was nice and comfortable, but there's a lot of street noise and honking. And the pollution is pretty bad today. I tried drinking the bottle of Tsing Tao beer in my fridge to purge my system. But eventually I reached the point where I had to do something. Remembering a blog post about there being a cheap kebab place down the road and round the corner, I headed out to look for it.

It was definitely there. The embers were burning in the side of the wall of another restaurant. There was a fridge beside it on the side of the footpath. But there was no-one there to man it. I scratched my head for a moment, and then for lack of any idea what else I was going to do, I continued down that street which I hadn't really walked down before.

2010-08-27 - Shanghai - Store - 01 - Supermarket

This is another supermarket. There's a limited selection of goods in it, but they are cheaper than the smaller supermarket that I normally go to. And they had coke zero! Normally I can go to any corner store and they have coke zero in the fridge. But lately, no stores have any coke zero. In fact, that's probably the reason I feel ill. I had to buy some diet pepsi this morning, and it was pretty awful. There I was blaming the street food. Anyway, since the Chinese beer didn't purge my system this morning, I made sure to buy some cold New Zealand beer from their fridge. Luckily there are no fruity laws about having to show ID here in China, just bung the booze and cigarettes on the counter and hand over the cash. Not that I smoke, but if I did, I would of course be able to appreciate that aspect too.

There was another blog post on the same site I linked to above. I walk past these dumplings every day, but the thought strikes me that I never see that many people buying them. And that it looks like they sit there for ages, not so fresh for eating. I'm glad to get some confirmation of this without having to buy any myself.

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