Saturday, 28 August 2010

Nanjing West Rd

It was around 11 AM and I felt like eating something other than western food. So I headed out and along Kangding Road in the direction of the Kebab place. The good street food vendor was closed, I guess they are a morning operation. So I turned the corner in the direction of the Kebab place. Coals burning, check. Fridge in front with uncooked kebabs inside, check. No-one there to cook and sell the food, check. Oh well, nothing for it but to head on to the supermarket to get some more Coke Zero. Unfortunately, the shelf what was full yesterday was now empty. Some bastard had had the same idea as me and decided to clean them out.

For lack of any other idea, I headed down to Nanjing West Road to City Shop to buy some more wheatgerm. There's a statue across the road from it which has caught my eye, as we all know, in Chinese mythology one horse standing on top of another means.. well, buggered if I know. Read the plaque and then let me know.

2010-08-28 - Shanghai - Nanjing West Rd - 01 - Sculpture

Here's the plaque. No idea what it says.

2010-08-28 - Shanghai - Nanjing West Rd - 02 - Sculpture plaque

A bit further down the road is this suitcase shaped building. It looks like the kind of suitcase the well-to-do took with them on the Titanic because back in those days fruity baggage weight limits were sniffed at.

2010-08-28 - Shanghai - Nanjing West Rd - 03 - Louis Vutton building

After taking these photos, I headed over to City Shop and got my wheatgerm (90 RMB!?) and a corned beef sandwich (25 RMB).

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