Friday, 27 August 2010

Street food again

I finally realised that the street vendor who the Ayi at work buy the breakfast food from was not the place across the road from the bank, but the place beside the bank. I had run out of the health food that I normally eat for breakfast, so I decided to go out and get some yogurt. Walking to the small supermarket to get it, I realised this this street vendor and decided to grab some stuff on the way back.

The place is extremely popular. There were about three or four people standing around the lady who used the plastic bag it would be sold in as a glove to pick up what they ordered, and then took their money. She charged me 1 RMB per item I bought, and did the same today when I bought more. I think they only take coins there, but really what would I know I don't speak Chinese. She said stuff at me when I arrived, and I have no idea what she said. I guess I do the same thing when I am talking to people what don't speak English.

2010-08-22 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 01 - Bagged

The pieces of pancake have bits of what seems to be green onion inside, and have sesame seeds sprinkled over them. When you're in the mood, they are quite a nice savoury snack. But I'm getting to the stage where I would need someone else to eat with them, like chilli to dip them in or something.

2010-08-22 - Shanghai - Street Vendor - 02 - Plated

The other smaller items I bought by mistake. At work they vary the items they buy, and sometimes they have these small similarly shaped buns with a fried filling of what seems to be the large white chinese radish they sell here. These were a lot thinner than those buns, and it turns out they're pretty much a fried bready pastry lump with a glazing of honey inside. Really they were a disappointment. I grabbed a coffee and tried to eat them with it to give them some purpose in life, but they were too dry and bland to make it work.

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