Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Many years ago these biscuits appeared on the shelves in New Zealand. Covered in strong cheddar cheese, they stood out from the rest of the mealy offerings on the shelf. Look at the biscuits on the box, and their savoury looking coating.

2011-01-26 - Expat snack - Cheds - 01 - Packet

Of course eventually time passes and some suit makes an easy decision to cheapen the production process, and you get what you see in this next photo.

2011-01-26 - Expat snack - Cheds - 02 - Biscuits

Now with a light and innocuously coloured coating that provides a minimum of flavour, Cheds are a pale shadow of the biscuit they used to be. Of course, there are plenty worse biscuits out there, and compared to them Cheds are still an option that at least have some flavour. But they're no longer a treat to eat.

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