Sunday, 6 February 2011

Onion compressed biscuits

I've walked past these before, and after having tried the similarly packaged "omniscient" or something similarly named biscuit, I decided to buy these and try them.

2011-01-31 - Supermarket food - Onion compressed biscuits - 01 - Packet

They taste like.. a solid lump of heavy biscuit-like matter, with almost no flavour and an undertone of maybe a hint of onion that most likely does not exist, but is most likely pure projection on my part due to the name of the biscuit.

2011-01-31 - Supermarket food - Onion compressed biscuits - 02 - Biscuit

The texture of emergency rations, the flavour of recycled cardboard.. I note what I eat on this blog to remind me of what to buy or not, but I don't expect I will need to revisit this post to remember not to buy these again. Are there people that actually like these things?

1 comment:

  1. i like this! it's peanutty and filling. you're right, though, it lacks the "onion" flavor it promises. i tried all the flavors and interestingly, regardless of the the flavor, they all taste the same...

    i am just wondering how many calories it has... since i'm not chinese, i have no way of knowing the ingredients written in the package.