Monday, 7 February 2011

Paris Baguette snack selection

I'd just finished meeting a friend, and decided to stop in at Paris Baguette and buy a range of their interesting looking snacks. Many stores in China contain bags within bags within bags.

2011-01-29 - Paris Baguette - 01 - Bag

I've had the donuts here before, but this time I was just grabbing one rather than picking wisely. This one was particularly hard looking and dark coloured. That was a bad sign, and experience of eating it was heavy on grease and light on flavour.

2011-01-29 - Paris Baguette - 02 - Donut

This was a like a large flat muffin. The flavour was good, being a combination of blueberry and coconut. Unfortunately, it was also too greasy. Whatever it was cooked in had been overly greased and the parts of the muffin that touched it were again overly crispy and greasy.

2011-01-29 - Paris Baguette - 03 - Blueberry coconut flat muffin thing

I like a dense cake, so this isn't the first time I have bought this. But unfortunately it lacks any flavour. Hopefully I'll remember not to buy this again.

2011-01-29 - Paris Baguette - 04 - Heavy cake thing

I like the look of many of the things that Paris Baguette sell, but I don't enjoy eating them.

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